Scoutcast /skout-kast/  noun :

  1. one who gathers information, or searches for something
  2. I was living in a 1969 vintage Scout trailer, which inspired me to start the podcast
  3. cast – to shed light on something, also just part of the word “podcast”
  4. play on the word “outcast”; often when we speak our truth and live outside of social norms we are considered an outcast

The idea for this podcast came about around the time of my 21st birthday. I celebrated with a bottle of moonshine and slightly indecent dance moves into the wee hours of the morning. The next morning of course, I felt like trash. As a yoga teacher and health conscious individual, this felt wrong in my body; yet this is a totally normal and expected way to celebrate a 21st birthday.

Thinking about this even further, I realized there a lot of things we do as young adults that are deemed acceptable and expected, but might seem wrong to someone trying to maintain a conscious lifestyle. Unhealthy habits, social media addiction, and pop culture a just a few things that come to mind . Coming into adulthood, we are faced with new decisions everyday: Should I stick with the cheap, conventional apple, or buy the more expensive organic one ? How frequently do I exercise? What business do I decide to support with my money? Do I watch the news, or avoid it at all costs?

How do I deal with these issues without alienating myself from others my age, yet stick to my truth? This podcast is a tool to through our modern, disconnected society as a slightly lost young adult. We can find the balance between living a conscious, healthy life but maintaining the wild spontaneity of a young adult.

  • Episode 1: Introduction
  • Episode 2: Thrift & Resist with Liz Cahill
  • Episode 3: High Vibe Living with Liz Smithers

Listen to podcast here —->> ScoutCast

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