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Have you ever thought about how vegans get protein? Wondered what a superfood is? Or what the benefits of reishi are? Want to know how to start doing yoga or meditating? What natural beauty products you should use? Ask a health coach!

I became inspired to start this podcast because there is SO much misleading, incorrect, and confusing information in the world of health and wellness.

I, Ashlen, am a certified health coach through the University of California, San Diego, and a Hatha, Vinyasa, and restorative yoga teacher. I am here to help you navigate through all the weird, wacky, and wonderful concepts and ideas in health and wellness. I will use studies, research and evidence to help answer YOUR questions!

Health, wellness, and nutrition is for ALL. Sadly, many parts of the health, wellness, and yoga industry have become “whitewashed”. Additionally, there appears to be this barrier that wellness products and healthy foods are only for the affluent, and “wellness influencers” have their fair share of blame for this. I will share tips, tricks, and resources on how to follow a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

Once or twice a month, I will welcome guest speakers from diverse backgrounds to the show. I want this show to be inclusive, accepting and welcoming of all demographics and backgrounds. Every person deserves to be healthy and feel good in their bodies, no matter what socioeconomic background they come from.

Ask a question about health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, natural beauty products, etc. here!

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